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Best Standard Practice Award

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Vanessa Newman Property Lawyers are pleased to announce that we are have now been awarded the LEAP Best Standard Practice Award. This lets your clients know how they benefit from our accreditation as it shows we are committed to service excellence by being transparent and adhering to best practice.

We have been provided with a digital badge which has been developed to allow members of the public, lenders and other key industry stake holders to easily identify our firm as a genuine LEAP accredited firm and this helps to prevent cybercrime and fraud.

By clicking to verify, the LEAP digital badge will allow you as members of the public to easily identify that the website they are visiting belongs to a genuine LEAP regulated firm. It will also provide you with easy access to information on the protections which the firms’ regulated status provides to you.

We are rightly proud of achieving this award and digital badge and have placed it on every page of our website to enable the public to see for themselves the benefit using Vanessa Newman Property Services.

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