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New build

New build conveyancing

The purchase of a newly-built property is a completely difference experience than dealing with the conveyance of an existing property and the matters which need to be considered can be more complex.

It is necessary to check that planning permission has been granted and also whether the planning conditions have been or will be complied with and that Building Regulation consent has been obtained and approval granted.  Furthermore we need to make sure that the property comes with a structural guarantee which is sufficient for your needs and those of your lender.

Because the roads, drains and sewers have only just been built, they will not come under the care of an authority yet.  We will therefore ensure that there is a legal agreement in place so that the adoption does happen, or that there are alternative options in place to make sure the responsibiliy of the cost does not pass to you.  Checks also need to be made to make sure that you have all the rights and easements required to use the roads and sewers along with any other pipes and cables for all services, e.g. gas, electricity, water, telephone etc.  You will also need rights of access to maintain these and there should be an agreement in place which provides rights for you to go on to adjoining property to maintain and repair any pipes, sewers, walls etc.

New covenants will be created in the legal documentation (e.g. to use the property only for residential purposes or maintenance of boundary fences). We will need to check that these covenants are not too onerous and that they will not affect your enjoyment and proposed use of the property.

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